Evening Concentration Shoulder Sequence (around 4-minutes)

I was attempting to do research on how yoga, breathing, and meditation could have positive impacts on individuals with ADHD. I know how hard it can be to concentrate. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a really young age, and, in addition to traditional ADHD treatment, know that I need to keep myself active. If I fail to pay attention to myotherwise I fall into samskaras (patterns) which prevent me from accomplishing things which will lead me to my goals.

According to a few of the studies I was looking at, ADHD programs approximately twice a week at 40-minute intervals can promote a more positive perspective of ADHD symptoms from the outside. See Effects of An 8-Week Yoga Program on Sustained Attention and Discrimination Function in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Chou and Huang 2017); See also Feasibility and Efficacy of Yoga as an Add-On Intervention in Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder: An Explanatory Study (Hariprasad, Arasappa, Varambally, Srinath, Gangadhar 2013). These studies were small studies of children, however, to some extent the data could lead to an inference that yoga is likely to provide similar effects in adults with ADHD.

I’ll continue to point to relevant studies as I write asana related to concentration. Most particularly, I will place emphasis on creating yoga with focus-driven asana, nidra, and pranayama. Above, I’ve linked the first part of this concentration series.