Concentration Sequence Part 2

I added another fold onto the concentration sequence last night and in an attempt to standardize it, I figured I’d write up what’s going on with the movements:

First and foremost, the intent of the practice is to bring breath awareness, promoting concentration on one thing-at-a-time while also increasing self-confidence because the moves repeat. As well, by “noticing anything that’s not serving you today” on the mat and letting it go to relaxation, this flow seeks to promote stress relief.

  1. Child Pose.
  2. Child Pose, Shoulder Opening.
  3. Table Top.
  4. Cat/Cow Poses x3.
  5. Table Top.
  6. Downward Facing Dog.
  7. Forward Fold.
  8. Half-Fold.
  9. Mountain Pose.
  10. Prayer Pose.
  11. Mountain Pose. Arms overhead.
  12. Mountain Pose Twist Variation, Straight Arms. Right Side.
  13. Mountain Pose. Arms overhead.
  14. Prayer Pose.
  15. Mountain Pose. Arms overhead.
  16. Mountain Pose. Twist Variation, Straight Arms. Left Side.
  17. Mountain Pose.
  18. Swan Dive.
  19. Half-Fold.
  20. Rag Doll.
  21. Downward Facing Dog.
  22. Child Pose.
  23. Controlled Rest.
  24. Knees-In.
  25. Savasana modified.
  26. Knees-In.
  27. Happy Baby.
  28. Knees-In.
  29. Savasana (2 minutes).

The fun of this sequence is that it’ll continue to be added onto. If you have the ability, take the opportunity to work through this pose. If you have opinions what to add next, I’ve added a poll down at the bottom of this post.