Shoulder and Neck Opening Bedtime Yoga

I was feeling so energized last night as I wrote up this bedtime class. I thikn I felt the most energized when I heard my voice in my head: we’re going into utkatasana, chair pose, do it! And so we did.

This sequence is a little more physically complex than we usually get to during night yoga. Although I wanted to ensure that the sequence promoted shoulder and neck opening, I wanted to get through more physical poses in the asana. If the movements I take here are not in your practice today, you can take several poses including child pose, staff pose, and easy pose or thunderbolt pose.

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We begin on the ground, doing movements to promote shoulder and neck movement as well as a light twist. Then, I get to work with a series of chaturangas into virabhadrasana 1. I usually take a variation of chaturanga where we move through a plank into plank into downward dog and I break down each piece. I chose not to do that tonight because I felt pretty warmed-up going into the practice. When you’re given the choice to do cobra or upward-facing dog, if you’re just getting warmed up, you should take cobra. I think cobra pose is always preferable to an upward-facing dog, but sometimes your body just says “do it!” And so I did.