Naked-ish Yoga: Taking Oneself Less Seriously

One of the most fun parts of becoming a yoga teacher and working more with others and outside of my own practice has been to be able to see the ways in which people hold different sorts of samskaras (patterns).

A few days ago I noticed that I was taking myself too seriously and that if I felt stressed during my yoga practice, that it would be reflected. It’s much different when you’re actively teaching and moving through the poses versus teaching to a room and demonstrating. So today I started to notice that if I gave an inaccurate cue, I’d fix myself and laugh at the mistake. Growth happens in these corners.

  1. I’m wearing Andrew Christian undergarments from
  2. Tonight I’m practicing on a yoga mat from You can find all sorts of yoga accessories by including blocks, straps, mats, bolsters, and blankets.

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Today’s practice incorporated:

  1. Crescent Lunges;
  2. Virabhadrasana 1;
  3. Virabhadrasana 2;
  4. Bridge Pose;
  5. Dancing Shiva.