Beginner Bedtime Yoga: Half-Splits

Tonight I put together a little bit of a more challenging sequence for before bedtime. I felt a little bit energized however, i definitely went to sleep after working through this asana. I added a little bit of a more lengthy savasana tonight in order to promote a sense of relaxation. I’ve been adding a little bit to my end sequencing because I received some feedback that individuals might feel more safe if there is less movement around them during savasana.

We’re almost done putting together the October 2020 schedule so if there is any classes or times you’re looking for in particular, let us know so that we can get it on there!

  1. I’m wearing Andrew Christian undergarments from
  2. Tonight I’m practicing on a yoga mat from You can find all sorts of yoga accessories by including blocks, straps, mats, bolsters, and blankets.

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