Restorative Yoga: Sunday 5-Pose

Last evening we moved through a series of incredibly relaxing yoga. The deeper I went into the poses last night, the more I felt so grounded into the Earth. I changed the light to reflect the Root Chakra and we got into practice. Although the side restorative positioning was a little challenging at first, we eventually got into it. But goodness, that Supta Baddha Konasana last night left me feeling ready for bed.

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  1. I’m wearing Andrew Christian shorts from
  2. Tonight I’m practicing on a yoga mat from You can find all sorts of yoga accessories by including blocks, straps, mats, bolsters, and blankets.

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I had previously struggling to maintain proper block alignment without knocking everything over but with patience, results can come and they did! I would add some more support for my forearms next time in Supta Baddha Konasana. Moreover, over time, I am discovering that the need for coming fully onto the Yoga Bolster changes based on the position. As a result, I think I will try to instruct less lower body embrace of the Yoga Bolster during child pose variations.