Nude-ish Yoga: Hips, Sun Salutation A, Neck Sequence

Revisiting the methods I use to teach, I sought to overcome a sort of inequality I was not feeling in Nude Yoga. It felt inauthentic to ask my class to drop down to underwear or “whatever feels comfortable” while I remained in running shorts. Aside from the obvious power dynamic, it felt inauthentic to teach this way. As such, I shed what felt today comfortable and dropped down to my briefs.

It felt really overwhelming at first to teach to a camera in briefs. Moreover, I felt the physical manifestation of an internal struggle to maintain the mantra “notice anything you’re holding onto, acknowledge those thoughts and bring your attention back to your breath.” Even in the most stressed moments in practice, return to your ujjayi breath. When I focused on my breath and on the imminent moment rather than “where am I taking the class” I was able to let go of the things that were not serving me at the time and embrace the power of Nude-ish Yoga.

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In our practice we moved through:

  1. Sun Salutation A (a lot!);
  2. Sun Salutation B;
  3. Chair Pose with Twist variations;
  4. Warrior 1;
  5. Warrior 2;
  6. Standing Splits.

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