Bedtime Yoga: Changing Perspectives, Peak Poses

We ran into some tech issues last night and yesterday afternoon. Thank you to everyone who made it. You can see the latest Bedtime Yoga session on YouTube.

James and I initially move through a different vinyasa: Child pose, cobra, child pose, table top. After we finish these movements, we move into more physical asana practice. We included not one but two half-splits sequencing. Moreover, we move through more exciting triangle pose, but as I type this I recognize we forgot to hit half-moon pose on the other side! If you’re in triangle, take half-moon pose on the other side! As well, we have begun to transition out of moving toward half-splits as a peak pose and we begin to use it as a warm-up pose. About halfway through, I realize that it was a little more helpful if you could see one of us from behind and one of us from the front so I switch perspectives and James and I practice mirroring one another, moving through the same sequence.

The importance of retaining your awareness in tandem with your breath through this more physical asana cannot be stated enough. As we move through the more physical asanas: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Chaturangas, Downward Dog, Upward Dogs, Cobras. Toward the flow-to-peak, we get Into triangle pose, extended side angle, half-moon (as I mentioned, don’t forget to do the other side!) Make sure you take the opportunity to drink water!

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