Nude-ish Yoga: Bear Basics

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be trying to split the Nude-ish Yoga into the basics and into the more advanced things that I have started instructing for. I’m not sure if I want to call them Bear Nude-ish Yoga and Otter Nude-ish Yoga because obviously any body can do yoga at any skill level. However, today I like that name so we’re going with it. In yesterday’s Nude-ish Yoga, I deliver on the promise to slow down the practice and focus on more accessible movements.

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One of the more fun features of yesterday’s practice was that we began where we typically end, and took that beginning through to the end. We start with Happy Baby, move into some bridge variation to get started immediately on a glutei and thigh workout. However, we get started into more physical asana practice afterward.

I also guide the class through an exercise of being present in the moment. We rub our hands together to generate friction and warmth which we then use to meditate temporarily on the moment. In order to incorporate a glute workout, I add a component of bridge pose where we move through 20 repetitions on a yogic breathing pattern.

I move the class through:

  1. Bridge Pose;
  2. Chaturanga/vinyasa;
  3. Child pose vinyasa;
  4. Revolved Side Angle pose;
  5. Warrior 1 (virabhadrasana 1);
  6. Warrior 2 (virabhadrasana 2);
  7. Downward dog pranayama (breathing);
  8. Eagle Arms variations;
  9. More Bridge pose!

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