Nude-ish Yoga: The “Bear” Basics 2

Ah, the feeling of regret when one injures themselves from doing basic movements. One of my yoga teacher aptly points out that those who are more proficient to advanced practitioners are more likely to injure themselves than the beginner practitioner who is just feeling into their practice. The proficient practitioner is likely to feel they are able to move through whatever with the ease and skill of an advanced practitioner. Yesterday, in that vein of confidence, I lifted upper body yesterday and managed to create a small injury on my shoulder. Lesson learned: I should not feel so cocky.

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So I usually sweat a ton no matter what I am doing and even as I was watching this video, I was thinking to myself “Oh my gosh, that is some sweaty crack.” I felt Embrace your body as it is. I should not come back to this video and think “I feel so upset by that dang sweaty crack showing.” I feel, instead, maybe it is okay that my underwear did its job. It is okay that my body did its job protecting me from overheating. If you have any good (and nice) sweaty crack jokes I can say while teaching, and especially when I feel most afraid or most embarrassed about being sweaty, I would love to hear from you.

I got a new yoga mat today and it felt really great to practice on. You can see more information about the mat below in my affiliate portion of this post. Because I usually sweat so much when I work out or when I’m on my yoga mat, I sometimes get afraid I will slip on my mat. Although I felt a little grip slip, there was one point where I came to the ground, when put my sweaty back on the floor and then we got back up. I wiped that portion of the mat and then came back to the mat with my feet and did not feel as much of a slip as I was expecting. I will see to report back on this the more I use the mat.

Today we move through asana and pranayama intended to cultivate a sense of beginning. As such we move through:

  1. Eagle Arms;
  2. Shoulder Movements;
  3. Child Pose Vinyasa;
  4. Anjaneyasana;
  5. Warrior 1;
  6. Warrior 2;
  7. Extended Side Angle Pose;
  8. Triangle Pose;
  9. Supta Baddha Konasana;
  10. Bridge Pose (Glutei Workout Reptetions).

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