Nude Yoga: The “Bear” Basics Day 7

In this edition of the Bear Basics, the HD camera continues and you can always catch the livestream at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel. We have decided we are dropping the -ish label, we’re Naked Yoga, dangit! Also, we got a new friend, a majesty palm tree joins me to round out the atmosphere, woo!

As with the last Nude Yoga I move us through a vinyasa intended to cultivate a sense of building on the beginning movements we have been moving through the last few sessions. I move us into more difficult poses today including pyramid pose and half-moon pose.

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We return back to a pure yoga vinyasa. As such, the moves continue to build on what we have been working with. It’s been a few days since this was posted, we’re a little behind on uploading since we’ve turned to HD however, you can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel.

In this class we move through:

  1. Seated Eagle Arms;
  2. Seated Cat Cow;
  3. Seated Twist;
  4. Sun A;
  5. Sun B;
  6. Extended Side Angle;
  7. Revolved Side Angle;
  8. Prasarita Padottanasana;
  9. Triangle Pose;
  10. Pyramid Pose;
  11. Half Moon;
  12. Dandasana.

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