lululemon Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless Shorts Review

Alan hinges his hips backward for a half-split, stacking the hips over the back knee.

Welcome to Broz Fitness, welcome to today’s workout gear review. Today Alan will be reviewing a pair of men’s shorts.

Lately when I lift, I roll my shorts up or pull the bottoms up. It has felt particularly important to get to a new pair of shorts because I am constantly moving around on a yoga mat and lifting for the Broz Fitness channel on YouTube.

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Lately when I lift, I have been rolling my shorts up or pulling the bottoms of my shorts up because I get irritated with the movement of my shorts up and down my thighs as I squat or whatever the movement is. I went on the hunt for shorts a few weeks ago and settled on a pair of men’s Pace Breaker Short 5″ Linerless:


Initially when I received my shorts, I was pretty nervous because they did not appear to be as short as I imagined (but it was two inches… I’m still happy). I already have two sets of men’s Pace Breaker 7″ Linerless Short. I am not a huge fan of liners, I have some running shorts that are lined and it always feels like I cannot fit my glutei and my thighs without them getting lower than probably should be. I really like the feel of the 7″ shorts, however, as I mentioned I roll them up each time I lift and lately when I have been making workout videos, I feel awkward lifting them up! You can see me practicing in them here.

Alan teaching Bedtime Yoga in (sponsored link) lululemon Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless Shorts.

As you see in the video, there is a few inches between the tops of my knees and the bottoms of the shorts. I am under 6 feet tall so and it feels good that my quadriceps are not getting the rub down from the sides of my shorts when I move in yoga or in weightlifting.

As you can see in this video (which admittedly is only in HD), the shorts move just as well with my body and do not feel like they are in the way at all.

Alan teaching Bedtime Yoga in (sponsored link) lululemon Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless Shorts.


If you have followed along with any of my videos thus far, I sweat a lot. Like a lot a lot. As I practice with these shorts, I have not yet noticed that they accumulate too much sweat which I suppose is a good result given how much I do sweat. When I workout with them (I’ll try to get a link up soon!), they do not feel like they transfer a bunch of unnecessary sweat to the surfaces I am lifting on.


I think one of the reasons that I keep buying lululemon gear is because the feel of these shorts does not bother me in ways that other short brands use spandex or cotton. Cotton shorts are almost a no go because I sweat so much when I workout. They are obviously great for around the house in the wintertime but not during the summer. The lightweight polyester fabric allows moisture to evaporate so my sweaty thighs are not getting in the way when I am in my normal workout mode.


I think one of the cons I have initially was the fear that they were so similar to the 7″ linerless shorts, which I assume are probably the same length on me as a tall person. I think my fear initially could have been easily laid to rest if I had thrown them on. But after I did, I was rather impressed with the way they felt and that they were not hugging my thighs. I wear a size medium in lululemon shorts and sometimes other brands feel like my thicc thighs get constricted.

Lifting in 7″ Pacebreaker Shorts (follow along)

Alan works out in (sponsored link) lululemon Pacebreaker 7″ Linerless Shorts

I am not sure this is a con, per se, however, I would also add that I do not use the drawstring to tie the shorts around me. I typically just leave them free and they have not yet been pulled through. This applies to my other shorts, the 7″ shorts as well.


I have had these shorts now for approximately 4 weeks. Even though I primarily teach Naked Yoga, I use these shorts for lifting and for teaching Restorative Yoga and Bedtime Yoga with a vinyasa via YouTube. I have appreciated the way the shorts hug my body at the right times and feel weightless and burdensome as I move through other movements. I appreciate the way the shorts fit around my waist without requiring me to use the drawstring and I really appreciate how the shorts do not hug my thicc thighs.

As I mentioned, I’m a member of the lululemon collective and if you use any of the links throughout this review, I will likely make a commission on your purchases. You can find those Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless shorts here.

Thanks for reading this shorts review!