Restorative Yoga: Root Chakra Sequence 5

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Restorative Yoga.

Tonight we ran through a more complex yin yoga sequence before we began restorative yoga so that we could get some movement in the stiffer parts of our body prior to encouraging it to relax.

I wanted to make sure that we felt into our warriors. As my thigh had been feeling a little stiff from Naked Yoga earlier, energizing the body slightly before restorative practice left me feeling way less ready to fall asleep on my mat during Restorative Yoga tonight.

When we got down to it, in Restorative Yoga, I wanted to keep the “sit-bones” grounded as we went through the remainder of the practice. We transition through two poses, one where we initially begin with the bolster forward. I wasn’t so much feeling that pose as we were doing it, so I backed us out of it and we came into the alternative with our forehead planted on the top of the Yoga Bolster.

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