Three-Part Chest Superset

In today’s superset chest workout, Alan works through a three different pieces of a superset. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel.

I wrote today’s workout to target the upper chest and the triceps. I frequently group the upper chest and the triceps as a part of my lifting week. Although I do this workout using a barbell and bumper plates which you can follow along to at the gym, you can also use dumbbells appropriate to your strength when you’re sitting there playing video games.

This workout also includes a cable machine. You can find those at your local gym or you can look up a variation for tricep kickbacks using dumbbells and lat raises with dumbbells. Make sure that you’re using the proper amount of weight.

SetSet 2
Part 1 x2Barbell Incline Bench Press x12Push-Ups x12
Part 2 x2Barbell Bench Press x12Leg Lifts x12
Part 3 x2Tricep Pull-Downs x12Single- Arm Cable Pec Fly
Alan’s Superset Workout

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Today’s Chest Superset:

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