Beginner Naked Yoga: Quads, Shoulders, Hips

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga.

In today’s yoga will move through asana and pranayama intended to cultivate a sense of beginning. No matter how we attempt to put the camera it seems that there’s still a struggle and will work on it for the next few posts.

Last class we had the very unfortunate circumstance where I forgot to record another version of the class. However, you can see it here you can see it here.

Now you may ask, what have we learned after 15 episodes of naked yoga. Well, technology matters. As an initial starting point, we had to invest in new camera equipment. This is been an interesting Learning curve Most especially because I don’t get to know if it worked until after the livestream. You can of course see those here.

Moreover now that we have 16 episodes (!!!!!) it’s time to start putting them together in a sequence that you can do over a course for a few days. Obviously when I was designing these it definitely wasn’t my plan that it would be a continuous series, however over the course of a few days you can start to see how each of these sequences blends together. I think the body results have been awesome to see too. Not too often does one get the chance to watch themselves over 16 episodes and how our little practice has grown. Stay tuned, we’re also filming extra episodes for November; we also change underwear and we also start to get into shorter sequences.

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Today’s Class:

Alan teaches Naked Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa focusing on Quads, Shoulders, and Hips.

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Last Class:

Alan teaches Naked Yoga: Quads, Hamstrings, and Abs

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