13-Minute Workout, Day 2: Chest/Triceps

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In today’s superset workout, Alan works though a three part superset targeting the chest and triceps. Grab some dumbbells and a surface upon which to workout.

Trainer’s Notes:

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you talk to your doctor before you engage in physical activity. If you’ve never previously done a superset workout, I very highly suggest you break this down.

Not all of my workouts are designed for every body and that is okay! Reach out and let me see what I can do to make something more accessible for you.

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We get a little heavy in today’s workout with more weight and more active movements. I tried to design this one around incorporating functional movements, those movements you make in everyday life. I also incorporate yoga to target the legs even though we are working through chest and triceps. By incorporating movement targeting the legs immediately after we work the upper body, we can promote increased blood flow.

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Today’s Workout:

SetSet 2
Part 1 x2Floor Press x12Push-Ups x12
Part 2 x2Decline Press x12Tricep Kickbacks x12
Part 3 x2Prone Cobra x12Leg Lifts x12
Alan’s Chest/Triceps Superset Workout, Day 2

Today’s Class:

Alan teaches a Chest/Tricep Superset Workout.

I also wrote this workout as part of an overall workout plan targeting the chest and legs as primary sites of muscle growth. Although the overall plan will get at every part of the body, we’ll work through approximately 28 days of supersets.

Thanks for following today’s workout. Check out our latest gear reviews or follow along for more workouts.

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