13-Minute Workout, Day 3: Legs and Biceps

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In today’s workout, we join Alan for a 13-minute Dumbbell workout incorporating functional movements that we typically see in our everyday life.

GIF of Alan demonstrating various movements from today’s class.

Trainer’s Notes

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you talk to your doctor before you engage in physical activity. If you’ve never previously done a superset workout, I very highly suggest you break this down. You should also make sure you’ve completed the previous class.

Today was a little bit heavy. I used a pair of 25 pound dumbbells, 8 pound dumbbells, and 5 pound dumbbells. Each of these dumbbells serves a different purpose. A superset is a lifting methodology where you immediately follow-up one exercise with another exercise targeting that same muscle group. Some studies have shown that this methodology increases hypertrophy, which corresponds to increased muscle mass growth compared to doing the same movements with a break between each set. I use the lower weight dumbbells to complete the supersets and the object rotations.

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Today’s Workout:

SetSet 2
Part 1 x2Front Squats x12Forward Lunges with Hammer Curl x12
Part 2 x2Deadlifts x12Squats with Hammer Curl x12
Part 3 x2Object Rotations x12Leg Lifts x12
Alan’s Legs/Biceps Superset Workout, Day 3

Today’s Class:

Although we were running a little bit late on time today, that was a really nice work out. You could tell that I need to figure out how to catch my breath before I end the class!

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