Naked Yoga: Cultivating Confidence

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga, Episode 17. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube channel.

Trainer’s Notes:

PLEASE NOTE: Talk with your doctor to ensure you’re healthy enough before you begin physical activity.

In today’s yoga practice we moved through subtle movements incorporating a block or two blocks. By bringing the floor to us we were able to find a easier movement to incorporate more bodies. I’ve been a little caught up with yoga teacher training to finish out my 500 hour certification. However, I seek to incorporate the things that I’ve been learning to help make my Naked Yoga practices more body positive. As I work on my chair yoga, I work to make those more available for individuals who would like to remain in a chair or alternatively bed yoga to ensure that anybody who wants to remain in bed can do so while they do their yoga.

Alan demonstrates a bind on the inside foot while in pigeon pose.

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I have also been trying to find moments to bring awareness to the throat chakra. By finding alternative moments to engage in a different sort of pranayama such as in the middle of a flow or through an opportunity to grab some coffee, I think that we are able to bring more openness to the heart and the throat chakra.

In today’s practice I primarily used a Manduka cork blocks. I have not yet tried or seen anybody using foam blocks. However because I am a little bit of a larger guy, I feel a little bit more supported by the cork blocks in a way that allows me some resistance that I don’t feel when I use bamboo yoga blocks. I would also add that by using these blocks we can create space that we wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, if you have a larger chest it’s probably much harder to move through cobra and upward facing dog than it would for somebody who has a smaller chest.

Today’s Class:

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