Gentle Yoga Vinyasa | Shoulders and More Shoulders

Welcome to Broz Fitness, Welcome to Today’s Gentle Yoga.

Trainer’s Notes:

Please talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to begin physical activity before you do so. You assume all risk in beginning and performing various exercise movements.

If you already have a shoulder injury, this sequence and anything else that I currently provided is not made for you. If you are injured, Broz Fitness strongly encourages you to talk with a doctor or a physical therapist to determine movements would be good for your body. Thereafter, you can find a local personal trainer to help implement that plan.

Today’s Notes:

In today’s gentle yoga class, Alan moves the class through yoga sequence intending to target primarily the shoulders. We spent a lot of time on the ground can we move through various lunges and grounding sequences that specifically focus on the shoulders.

Yesterday’s class was a little bit intense not necessarily because of this class which follows a Yin Yoga teaching style. One of the primary focuses of Yin yoga is to strengthen the muscles and ligaments by creating deep stretches and holding those stretches for a long period of time. So yesterday when I taught Naked Yoga immediately after this Yin Yoga-style class, it was almost as if I was immediately counteracting everything that I had already done and I was a little bit to loose to teach naked yoga in an ashtanga style. If you happen to have the opportunity I would highly suggest not doing two consecutive hours of two different styles of yoga.

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Today’s Class:

We don’t spend very much time reaching toward more complicated movements such as Half-Moon Pose or Warrior 3, instead, we move slowly through fewer poses. Today’s 4k Version should be up a little bit later this week as we are attempting to work with a new video editing software. You’ll see how this goes soon enough.

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