Naked Yoga | Cultivating Warmth

Welcome to Broz Fitness, Welcome to Today’s Naked Yoga. As always, our goal is never just to create videos but to inform and motivate you. You can see more of our Livestream and the Latest Uploads at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel. You can also check out our latest Gear Reviews.

Class Breakdown:

It’s been really cold in Denver and for today’s class, I designed asana trying to move through movements which warm up the body. Moreover, we’ll move through asana and pranayama intended to cultivate a sense of familiarity. I build on movements that we have been working on throughout the last few weeks in a manner that seems different than usual. For example, we choose different variations of cat and cow in different positions. We then go on to move through several movements of standing splits, targeting the thighs more than we typically do. Because we’ve been doing so much practice with standing splits, it felt almost natural when we moved into Warriors 3.

Trainer’s Notes:

Please talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to begin physical activity before you do so. You assume all risk in beginning and performing various exercise movements.

As I was designing today’s class, I was reading this fantastic book, Glute Lab, about glutei training by Bret Contreras and I was working on trying to incorporate more movements from Contreras which reinforce glutei movements we do in our weight training. I must admit, I was pretty sore during today’s yoga and you can see it every time I bend over. Because of this limitation, the class moved a little slower than usual. Perhaps it was also the cold trying to slow down the practice and keep us on our toes.

The Gear:

As we’ve been doing in the previous classes, I’ve been trying to add in different components of self-affirmation as well as helpful tips and new cues. This has been of greater importance because my students have been discussing some of the judgments we place on ourselves while we’re in practice. In the last few sequences, we have worked on saying “I am enough, I am divine.” This is because I want to make sure everyone who is listening knows, and can say allowed, that they are enough. As my teacher, Michelle Young, instilled in me: we are all divine beings living in this experience.

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Today’s Class:

It’s becoming a little overwhelming to think that we’ve made it to nineteen episodes. We’ve been working to add on new and interesting components to our Naked Yoga classes including adding in new transitions, more interesting tips, and title pages. They seem to make everything look a little more fun overall and it’s been a lot of fun working with these sorts of creation elements. In fitness, everything seems so boring sometimes. It’s repetitions, reading research, keeping up-to-date on the latest tech, but it’s also making sure that we add in fun elements that are not hostile to anyone’s body.

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