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Trainer’s Notes:

Please talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to begin physical activity before you do so. You assume all risk in beginning and performing various exercise movements.

Today’s workout includes a High Intensity Interval Training round and a set of Dumbbell Exercises. This workout is for an intermediate lifter. Caution is advised if you are new to lifting. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us here or on social media below. Because this workout also targets the legs, you should make sure that you spend 48 hours resting between the next workout.

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I doubt there are many people who do not appreciate a set of good Hamstrings. These muscles, located on the bottom of the thighs when you are seated or posteriorly if you’re standing looking at the anatomical man.

In today’s legs and biceps Workout, we begin with a 10 minute high intensity interval training style warm-up. this warm-up incorporated movements which are intended to be performed only if you have sufficient stability to perform them. You can check out more appropriate workouts here.

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When I was designing this workout this week, I was trying to incorporate movements which fatigue the hamstrings and the quadriceps while incorporating other movements which target the Gluteal Muscles directly. This is similar to one of the advanced training methods discussed in Bret Contreras’s Glute Lab.

I have recently been incorporating this form of training in my latest workouts. I think one of the cooler pumps that I have been finding when I work those Butt Muscles is probably after doing anything isolating the hamstrings. The stability ball curl literally drains me. You can see it in this Burnout Workout from Monday. I find that isolating the hamstrings makes me feel like I am going to walk with that lifting walk for the next few days.

Moreover, this workout also incorporates workout movements that aren’t just about the standard deadlift. We work on two different forms of squats in order to target the quads.

Warm-Up HIIT Portion of the Workout:

When we get into this workout, we start by stretching out the legs by hugging the knees into our chest. We then move into high leg kicks where we kick up to bring a small stretch to the hamstrings before we begin more complex movements including jogging. I was pretty committed to making sure that I finished 4 per set. As well, you can see that I have some cones set up to help guide myself as I work through this Leg Workout today.

We kick it up and move into snap kicks next. Focus on bringing the leg forward. We turn next to scissor kicks. I secretly love scissor kicks because I feel like I get the pump on my legs for a good set of effort. I try to channel different body builders and one of my favorites uses the scissor kick.

We pick up the pace a little bit with high knees next. I would suggest you find a 10 yard space, I don’t have that much space and it’s been pretty cold in Denver. We rinse and repeat this same circuit for the duration of this HIIT warm-up.

Resistance Training Set:

You should take a look at the HIIT Workout above before moving onto this workout.

The Equipment:

In the resistance training workout, we fire things up using two different sets of dumbbells, a 10lb slam ball, and a stability ball. I wanted to create an at-home workout that’s fairly easy to execute with light weight dumbbells and a slam ball. I think that the stability ball, however, is probably the most important. This workout directly targets the Hamstrings.

Front Squats x12

We begin working with front squats, placing the dumbbells at or above our shoulders while pointing the elbows forward. After this we move on to a knee flexion exercise incorporating a stability ball. I think these things are really really intense we take them to a full extension here. In the video I mentioned above, about the Burnout Workout, we do about half-extensions to get to 100 Leg Curls. They are really, really underestimated. Following a superset after doing these Stability Ball Leg Curls grows some Gluteal Muscles.

Ball Rotations x12

We move onto a Slam Ball Rotational Exercise.In this movement we incorporate return to both sides while twisting the back foot up. This movement targets the core and glutes and for that reason I think it should be incorporated into our movements at least once a week. We continue pushing, doing 12 on each side.

Squat with Bicep Curl x12

We then move onto squat with a bicep curl. I admittedly wish I made it down a little farther with my squats. This could have been fixed by lowering the weight of the bicep curls. Make sure that you tuck the elbows into the sides of the body to keep engagement throughout the bicep curl.

Frog Pumps x12

We finish up with Dumbell-Weighted Frog Pumps, twelve for this set. Admittedly, I wish I would have chosen a more appropriate Glute Bridge exercise. I wanted to create a workout that requires Relatively little equipment in this work out felt pretty apt towards that until it came to the glute bridge. I have been working on my frog pump for the past few days and I still have not found that perfect amount of gluteal activation that leaves me walking funny. We’re always a fan of the Leg Days that leave you walking funny.

Dumbbell Workout Conclusion:

This was a pretty intense workout today. If you took the time to do the HIIT workout and the dumbbell workout in a pair, give yourself a big hug, you did an awesome job. Today’s workout should be followed up with appropriate care, ensure that you avoid working the legs tomorrow, as well, you could probably do well to avoid working on the biceps because of the Squats with the Bicep Curl we did.

If you’re super pumped, have a ton of experience with stability and are ready to see the Burnout Workout, get to it. Otherwise, go take a walk, take the day off from working out tomorrow if you feel a little more sore than usual. As always, you should take the time following your workout to get your body back to adequate hydration levels.

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