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Welcome to Broz Fitness, Welcome to Today’s Naked Yoga. As always, our goal is never just to create videos but to inform and motivate you. You can see more of our Livestream and the Latest Uploads at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel. You can also check out our latest Gear Reviews.

This past Halloween weekend gave us a ton of personal yoga practice. It was nice to bring down the cameras for a little bit and knock out a ton more of Alan’s 300-Hour Yoga Teacher training. Alan has been working on his the remainder of his 500-Hour Yoga Teacher certification so that we can provide our followers the best Yoga Experience that we can.

Today, I write about inclusivity and about the latest class series that we’ve released: Naked Yoga Shorts. These shorts are super important short yoga sessions in order to show everyone that you can do Yoga in many ways from Yoga Blocks to Chair Yoga to Restorative Yoga.

Trainer’s Notes:

Please talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to begin physical activity before you do so. You assume all risk in beginning and performing various exercise movements.

Pace and Silence:

Sometimes keeping up with the pace of my Naked Yoga Bear Series classes has been a little difficult. Whenever I start to notice that I am getting a little sweaty, I should probably make sure that I recognize that my students are feeling the same way. I have been trying to find ways to include everyone in my classes, especially things like looking back to the YouTube chat. You can also always reach out to Broz Fitness on Social Media.

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Under the light of Pace and Silence, I’ll start to find a way to make more inclusive classes where I can figure out how to do so. I have some ideas that I am working on to teach a more silent class so that you can receive cuing without having to be able to hear me.

One of the more fun things we can do to make sure that our students get access to more accommodating classes is to be more inclusive with our adaptive yoga instruction. I’ve been trying to teach a ton more classes where I demonstrate how to use Yoga Blocks throughout our practices.

Should vs. Notice

I need to own the language of my classes a little more. By providing the agency to my students, I might be able to allow more people to feel that they can access my classes. I always try to acknowledge to the class that my poses are simply suggestions, however, I think in my most recent completion of lectures, I think I can do better to invite my students to “notice” the feeling that they’re having in their body.

Today’s Yoga Shorts Practice:

Manduka Purple

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