Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable

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Trainer’s Notes:

Please talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to begin physical activity before you do so. You assume all risk in beginning and performing various exercise movements.

Today’s chest workout focused on triceps and the upper chest. I wanted to isolate the top of my chest in order to promote more growth as I went through today’s superset.

Some of the photos below have been from previous workouts. You can see my review of the lululemon shorts I’m wearing here.

Triceps Push-Ups

Alan demonstrates an incline push-up.

I chose to use inclined push-ups, as I wanted to make sure I had enough energy to get through lifting.

Incline Bench Press

Although I used a barbell above, substitutions can include a pair (or single if dumbbell if I wanted to emphasize my core strength.

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The Workout (and my Notes)

  1. Triceps Pull Down Rope (Cable Machine) x10-12
    • I worked to keep my elbows tucked into my sides while I performed this movement, keeping the triceps engaged throughout.
  2. Incline Bench Press (Barbell) x10-12
    • I have been sticking to approximately the same weight every time I have been doing this. In order to try to alleviate this problem, I wanted to make sure I added some more movements focusing on the shoulders while I performed incline and upper chest focused exercises. I think adding an upper chest day separated from a mid/low chest day will be a significant adjustment to my chest work.
  3. Triceps Pull Down (1-Arm) (Cable Machine) x10-12
    • These were intense today. I mentioned that I was going to seek to include movements which exhaust the antagonist muscles. The triceps are antagonists in this case and by emphasizing triceps before I work on my bench press, I think that I am able to increase emphasis on my chest. Here, having moved through chest movements and having started with a triceps pull down, I was a little unprepared for how intense this movement would be.
    • I kept my elbows tucked into my sides performing this movement. By keeping the elbows tucked into my sides, I am able to emphasize the triceps and prevent myself from rocking the weights back and forth or using momentum to complete the movement.
  4. Chest Fly (1-Arm) (Cable Machine) x10-12
    • I kept a micro-bend in my elbow in order to ensure that I could maintain appropriate tension and protect my shoulder. I like chest fly and I chose to do a more lateral chest fly here in order to emphasize the shoulders and the upper chest as I brought the cable down.
  5. Triceps Push-Up x10-12
    • These usually get me, especially because I put them in after I just completed something a little difficult. Outside of this workout, I did a ton of push-ups. I dropped to my knees eventually!
  6. Incline Bench Fly x10-12
    • I think bench chest fly is one of my more favorited chest movements outside of a standard bench press. I always feel the most engagement when I squeeze my chest throughout the movement.

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