Downward Facing Dog | Adaptive Yoga | Blocks

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Trainer’s Notes:

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Adaptive Yoga is an important skill for everyone to know as they approach their yoga practice because it can influence how you provide support for your body. Often times, I feel so stubborn when I am practicing: I need to look good without props. But adding in some blocks to your practice can really change things up.

You can see my review of cork blocks vs. foam blocks vs. bamboo blocks.

Downward Facing Dog with Blocks

Alan demonstrates Downward Facing Dog incorporating two cork Yoga Blocks.
Alan demonstrates Downward Facing Dog incorporating two Yoga Blocks.

I think I like downward facing dog with blocks the most because of the way it feels on my shoulders. I feel like I am more capable of pressing my weight into my feet in a way I am unable to do without the blocks.

Here, you can see me pressing into the blocks while my heels have not quite made it to the mat. I find more space in my upper body to press through my hands into my blocks. I have them on a medium setting here and sometimes I will drop them down to the lower setting in order to make more space for my hands.

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Exhale, Press your Hands into your Yoga Blocks.

Draw your Hips to the Sky:

Downward Facing Dog.

Alan demonstrates a table top modification incorporating cork blocks.

Even if Downward Facing dog is not so much in my practice whenever I start, moving into the position from a table-top position makes it feel a little easier when you make it up to the top.

Alan demonstrates Downward Facing Dog incorporating two cork blocks during a Naked Yoga Class.

I have it on the medium height again because it makes just a little bit more space for me to reach down and through. I like the lower one when I plan to stay in Downward Facing Dog for awhile.

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