Biceps (and Legs) | Dumbbell Superset Workout

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Trainer’s Notes:

Today’s workout focused instead on the arms (biceps) rather than the legs. We worked on our legs by focusing on bicep exercises that incorporated leg movements.

Most importantly, ensure that you are choosing the proper weight for your body right now. In yoga, we have the principle of Non-Violence, Ahisma, which we do not have in resistance training. This Superset Workout is an advanced lifting technique that should be consulted by more intermediate to advanced lifters. I use dumbbells for today’s workout.

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Bicep Curl with Leg Raise

Alan demonstrates a biceps curl with a leg raise.

Keeping with today’s theme, I started at Bicep Curls with a Leg Raise. I raised the weight to 20lb dumbbells. My use of 20lb dumbbells is a little heavier than I have been using lately. As I mentioned, I focused recently on fatiguing the antagonist muscles before working the prime mover. Since I am primarily working on the biceps, I follow up on the squat quadriceps-targeting movement with Forward Lunges with a Bicep Curl. 

To move through this exercise, emphasizing the correct muscles, I keep my elbows tucked in. The increased proprioception created by simultaneously lifting my leg helps increase my core engagement as well. I attempt to raise my leg above my hips, though I am sometimes not quite there. 

Forward Lunges with Bicep Curl

Alan demonstrates a lunge with a biceps curl.

One of the primary cues of a forward lunge emphasizes moving the forward leg with the knee somewhere above the ankle. By stacking the ankle and the knee, we protect the knee, one of the more frequently-occurring things I see in my clients.

I have been writing Burnout Workouts that incorporate forward-moving lunges. Forward-moving lunges typically focus move on the quadriceps and less on the hamstrings than reverse lunges. Try This: Complete a Forward Lunge and a Backwards Lunge.

Squat with Hammer Curl

Alan demonstrates a hammer curl with a squat.

A traditional squat focuses on the quadriceps and the gluteal muscles. I was kind of shocked reading Glute Lab by Bret Contreras as it must not have registered until then: A lunge is a one-legged squat. It was sort of life-changing because once I realized this was the movement involved in squatting in lunging, it helped create more mind-muscle awareness. 

When I do biceps curls, I tuck my elbows into my shoulders while emphasizing that mind-muscle connection. I think to myself, “my biceps are getting bigger when I exercise them.” I like this positive self-talk because it helps reinforce that I am always working on my body; it also strengthens self-confidence that the things I am exercising on are working.

I often see guides instructing people to get below the knee with the gluteals to ensure more active gluteal muscle engagement. I think this would be ideal in a world where we are not working with individuals who have previous injuries. I have tighter ankles and while I practice and teach yoga almost every day, I find that no matter how loose I can get my quadriceps, getting below my knee is not my top priority. This is not to say that it would not be productive to the gluteal muscles or that I should stop working on my calf flexibility. Instead, I feel it necessary to continue to work on my squat, perhaps at lower weights, while I work on my calf flexibility.

Biceps W-Curl

Alan demonstrates a Biceps W-Curl.

I drop the weight on these Biceps W-Curls. I like W-Curls because they tend to focus on the more nuanced muscles inside the arms. The interiors of the arms, the inside biceps, are not as intensely focused on when I do standard bicep curls and even when I drop the weight to 6lb dumbbells, as I did today, I still feel that excellent pump.

The Workout

This is a Silent Workout Video. Alan Demonstrates Bicep-Focused Movements.

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This workout primarily targets the biceps and the quadriceps. This particular focus is a change-up from our typical Leg Day, where we have focused intensely on activating the upper gluteal muscles.