Founded in 2020 by Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Teacher Alan Brozovich, NASM-CPT, CYT-200, Broz Fitness seeks to inspire everyone to attain the body they feel most comfortable in.

Alan Brozovich, NASM-CPT, CYT-200, is an aspiring lawyer in training. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Women Studies as well as in Political Science from the University of Denver. He has always been passionate about fitness from a young age as it allowed him to control his energy as a young child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Full of energy, Alan studied martial arts for several years in order to control his outbursts of energy. Over time, Alan refined these interests first as a Springboard Diver in High School in Greeley, Colorado, and next, down a several year path through yoga. As a yoga student, Alan became enveloped in vegetarian and vegan culture. Finally, Alan’s latest fitness journey has included several years of various weight training methodologies.

Workout Plans

Keep jogging down a path toward fitness. Workout plans are tailored to my clients’ needs. If you want to run a mile, lift more, wear a sports bra, hike up those shorts, whatever your goal, let’s reach it together.

Personal Training

We all have diverse backgrounds and lifestyles with different needs. Personal training gets you the most individualized attention and coaching. Let’s get you to your fitness goals accountably and safely through One-on-One Personal Training Sessions.

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