Biceps (and Legs) | Dumbbell Superset Workout

Trainer’s Notes: Today’s workout focused instead on the arms (biceps) rather than the legs. We worked on our legs by focusing on bicep exercises that incorporated leg movements. Most importantly, ensure that you are choosing the proper weight for your body right now. In yoga, we have the principle of Non-Violence, Ahisma, which we doContinue reading “Biceps (and Legs) | Dumbbell Superset Workout”

Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable

Today’s chest workout focused on triceps and the upper chest. I wanted to isolate the top of my chest in order to promote more growth as I went through today’s superset. Some of the photos below have been from previous workouts. You can see my review of the lululemon shorts I’m wearing here. Triceps Push-UpsContinue reading “Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable”