Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable

Today’s chest workout focused on triceps and the upper chest. I wanted to isolate the top of my chest in order to promote more growth as I went through today’s superset. Some of the photos below have been from previous workouts. You can see my review of the lululemon shorts I’m wearing here. Triceps Push-UpsContinue reading “Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable”

13-Minute Workout, Day 2: Chest/Triceps

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube channel. In today’s superset workout, Alan works though a three part superset targeting the chest and triceps. Grab some dumbbells and a surface upon which to workout. Trainer’s Notes: PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you talk to your doctorContinue reading “13-Minute Workout, Day 2: Chest/Triceps”