13-Minute Workout, Day 3: Legs and Biceps

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube channel. In today’s workout, we join Alan for a 13-minute Dumbbell workout incorporating functional movements that we typically see in our everyday life. Trainer’s Notes PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you talk to your doctor before you engage inContinue reading “13-Minute Workout, Day 3: Legs and Biceps”

Bear Basics Yoga: 25-Minute Glutei Conditioning 1

I joke that I would like to leave the legendary children a series of videos from which anyone can gain a sense of conditioning. In that tradition, today we’re moving through a 25-minute sequence intended to cultivate a sense of conditioning. This short practices featuring asana which incorporates movements intended to target the glutei. ByContinue reading “Bear Basics Yoga: 25-Minute Glutei Conditioning 1”