Growing Gluteal Muscles | Intermediate Naked Yoga

In the Yoga class focusing on the glutei this week, I move us through a series of asana intended to get at the thighs. We work the hamstrings and the gluteal muscles throughout this vinyasa. This is a little more challenging than our usual asana practice. If you have not taken a moment or doContinue reading “Growing Gluteal Muscles | Intermediate Naked Yoga”

Nude-ish Otter Yoga: Butt and Thigh Workout

Ah the look on my face today when I realized I’m teaching somewhat challenging yoga for beginners. There are always modifications to be had along the way. However, I will reconsider some of my class offerings in order to more adequately accommodate more beginners and more intermediate practices. I’m part of the lululemon collective andContinue reading “Nude-ish Otter Yoga: Butt and Thigh Workout”