Growing Gluteal Muscles | Intermediate Naked Yoga

In the Yoga class focusing on the glutei this week, I move us through a series of asana intended to get at the thighs. We work the hamstrings and the gluteal muscles throughout this vinyasa. This is a little more challenging than our usual asana practice. If you have not taken a moment or doContinue reading “Growing Gluteal Muscles | Intermediate Naked Yoga”

Biceps (and Legs) | Dumbbell Superset Workout

Trainer’s Notes: Today’s workout focused instead on the arms (biceps) rather than the legs. We worked on our legs by focusing on bicep exercises that incorporated leg movements. Most importantly, ensure that you are choosing the proper weight for your body right now. In yoga, we have the principle of Non-Violence, Ahisma, which we doContinue reading “Biceps (and Legs) | Dumbbell Superset Workout”

Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable

Today’s chest workout focused on triceps and the upper chest. I wanted to isolate the top of my chest in order to promote more growth as I went through today’s superset. Some of the photos below have been from previous workouts. You can see my review of the lululemon shorts I’m wearing here. Triceps Push-UpsContinue reading “Resistance Training | Chest and Triceps | Barbell and Cable”

HIIT Workout 1 | Hamstrings

Today’s workout includes a High Intensity Interval Training round and a set of Dumbbell Exercises. This workout is for an intermediate lifter. Caution is advised if you are new to lifting. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us here or on social media below. Because this workout also targets theContinue reading “HIIT Workout 1 | Hamstrings”

13-Minute Workout, Day 2: Chest/Triceps

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube channel. In today’s superset workout, Alan works though a three part superset targeting the chest and triceps. Grab some dumbbells and a surface upon which to workout. Trainer’s Notes: PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you talk to your doctorContinue reading “13-Minute Workout, Day 2: Chest/Triceps”

Beginner Naked Yoga: Quads, Shoulders, Hips

Welcome to Broz Fitness; Welcome to Naked Yoga. In today’s yoga will move through asana and pranayama intended to cultivate a sense of beginning. No matter how we attempt to put the camera it seems that there’s still a struggle and will work on it for the next few posts. Last class we had theContinue reading “Beginner Naked Yoga: Quads, Shoulders, Hips”

Three-Part Chest Superset

In today’s superset chest workout, Alan works through a three different pieces of a superset. You can see more at the Broz Fitness YouTube Channel. I wrote today’s workout to target the upper chest and the triceps. I frequently group the upper chest and the triceps as a part of my lifting week. Although IContinue reading “Three-Part Chest Superset”

lululemon Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless Shorts Review

Welcome to Broz Fitness, welcome to today’s workout gear review. Today Alan will be reviewing a pair of men’s shorts. Lately when I lift, I roll my shorts up or pull the bottoms up. It has felt particularly important to get to a new pair of shorts because I am constantly moving around on aContinue reading “lululemon Pacebreaker 5″ Linerless Shorts Review”

Exercise Cat: Episode 1

Today we’re doing something a little bit different, however, you can always catch the everything else Broz Fitness YouTube Channel. Mack, one of the cats of Broz Fitness, keeps jumping into the camera during our class wanting to play. At the end of the class, we’ve decided to start keeping footage of play time withContinue reading “Exercise Cat: Episode 1”